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Outward Bound: Developing our Youth

Outward Bound and MTFJ's vision:

Outward Bound and MTFJ are continually working towards growing better people, better communities and a better world by equipping local kiwis with the soft skills to become effective leaders in their region.

Since 1962 Outward Bound has been helping young people develop and realise their full potential through challenge in the outdoors. MTFJ is committed to championing the importance of providing young people with the opportunity to develop the soft skills needed to help them become successful in both their personal and working lives. 


How the partnership works: 

Outward Bound has partnered with MTFJ to provide scholarships for selected New Zealand youth. 

Mayors can nominate young people from their district by contacting MTFJ with a short bio about their nominee with a letter or note of support. 

The two available courses are:

  • Mind Body Soul - for ages 16-28
  • Class Course - for ages 18-26

MTFJ are looking for young people for whom Outward Bound will unlock their potential, especially those who will use those skills to further help their communities. 

Nominations can be made at anytime, MTFJ will work with the nominee to get them on a course as soon as possible. The timing of this will depend on seasonal factors and the availability of the nominee.  

MTFJ may occasionally advise Mayors of specific course openings through direct communications. 


Things to consider:

Nominees will need to fundraise $749 toward their course - we want to kickstart their connection to the community.

This cost is not expected to be covered by the Mayor, Council or the nominees family. 

Travel to and from the Outward Bound course will need to be arranged by the nominee.  


Further Information:

If you have any queries about this opportunity please contact James Mather.